We’re proud to announce a new milestone in our international growth. We’re forming a Collective with Seuss Consulting, Seuss Recruitment, Zocket, and iGina Marketing, giving our clients an extended range of services, as well as accelerating our international growth.

What is the Collective?

Through the combined strength of these companies, we bring a unique partnership to the clinical research scene. We’ll be able to bring creative business solutions to our clients, not only focusing on clinical research training, but also being able to help with talent management, learning technology, recruitment, consulting, and branding and marketing. Our one-stop shop will help life-science companies accelerate their growth, using the power of our dedicated and driven teams. We will help you with your challenges, and help you find solutions that will bring your business to its full potential.

What sets us apart?

Our core strength is that we all live and breathe the life science industry, and we all want to make a positive impact on the industry. We’re combining our own energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to create a unique partnership that will drive our customers, and for us to be able to deliver services beyond their expectations. Working as one team, our efficiency will help life science companies to focus on their core task: improving human health.

Leading the way

GCP Central is ready to help you to change the way your company handles Good Clinical Practice training towards an effective and fun learning experience. With our new Collective, we’re now also able to help you attract, engage, and retain your life science talent via our dedicated tools and services.

Are you ready to make a step towards the changing future of the life science industry? Contact us to find out how GCP Central and our Collective partners can help you accelerate your business.