Last week the GCP Central team waved goodbye to their old office in Amersfoort and said hello to their new home in Amsterdam.

What does this mean, and how will it impact GCP Central? Marieke explains all below.

# 1 What does the move mean for GCP Central?

We’ve been steadily expanding internationally, and our move to Amsterdam really reflects that growth, it is easy to access to international life and science in Amsterdam.

As all life-science companies in the Netherlands, we’re also excited about the EMA (European Medicines Agency) which will attract more life-science organizations to Amsterdam.

# 2 Why did GCP Central decide to move?

Amsterdam is one of the leading locations in life science and health, and our move brings our customers, universities and research institutes closer, our new office is strategically located for both national and international customers and well connected to public transport.  

As in international business, it also gives us access to a multilingual, global science talent pool, which is helping you achieve our international growth plans.  

# 3 The new office

Zekeringstraat 7A

1014 BM


A few months ago we announced a new Collective partnership and our new office is a shared space with strategic partners, bringing increased business offerings and efficiency to our customers and teams.

We now share a fantastic space with:

Seuss Consulting

Seuss Recruitment



# 4 How did moving day go?

A relocation company arrived in Amersfoort to pick up all the furniture, boxes, computers and ours on the afternoon of Friday afternoon where Susan (Head of Operations and Central Services) received it and busily started to assemble our new space.

The delivery was late, so poor Susan started her weekend a little later than planned.

# 5 Are you all settled in?

Not yet. The carpet is in place, the desks are set up, and the training room is ready, but the rebranding of the office is still in progress.

Business is not interrupted though, we are online and there to help you!

We’re looking forward to getting settled in and bringing you more exciting news from the new GCP Central HQ, very soon.