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Kijk ook eens bij onze meestgestelde vragen. Je vindt er antwoorden op de vragen over myGCP en de services van GCP Central die we het vaakst binnenkrijgen.
Meestgestelde vragen
What is the validity period of my GCP certificate?

There is no agreed validity for a GCP certificate. There are agreements within the branches and organizations, but there is no national or worldwide agreement made. The ICH-GCP guideline says that you always have to be up to date with the currently applicable laws and legislations. This means as soon as there is an update on a local law or ICH-GCP, you would have to renew your GCP training.

This is the reason you have access to  myGCP one whole year : In case of new laws and legislations,  we update the training and inform you about the training updates. As soon as you have completed the training updates, you will receive a new GCP certificate at the bottom of your profile page.

How do I know when my WMO/GCP re-registration expires?

Go to the EMWO site and search for your name or registration number (BIG) to check when your GCP-WMO registration expires. The registration is valid for 3 years. 

To renew your registration for another 3 years you should complete the GCP/WMO re-certification training within 6 months before the expiration date of your registration. Complete the training before the expiration date itself. The recertification will be invalid in case it is finalized on or after the expiration date. You will then be required to take the exam again in order to be registered again.

For example: Your registration is valid from 01-01-2020 until 01-01-2023. You can take the recertification training as of 6 months prior to the expiration date:  from 01-07-2022 until 31-12-2023.

Purchase the GCP/WMO recertification course our webshop, finalize the training on time and we will arrange your recertification.

Can you tell me the difference between reregistration and prolongation?

When you have completed an online GCP training in the past, you can extend access to this training with one year via the webshop on your profile page. An extension of your training will give you access to all updates on the training. Completion of the learning activities of an update releases a new GCP certificate for download, at the bottom of your profile page.

The difference between extension of your current training and the  WMO/GCP recertification training is that the WMO/GCP recertification training is no “GCP refresh training” but only applicable to those who took the GCP-WMO exam 3 years ago and need to be  recertified to remain in the GCP-WMO register.

How do I order a GCP booklet?

To order a GCP booklet, please send a mail
Including the following information to support@gcpcentral.com :  
– name,
– postal address
– invoice details (company name/reference number)
– your choice of a Dutch or English version of the GCP booklet.
A GCP booklet costs €17,50 excl. VAT and postage. Postage cost within the Netherlands are around €4, – (letterbox size) for 1 booklet. If you prefer Track & Trace the rates are € 4,95 and upwards. 
The invoice will be sent via mail after shipment of the booklet.

How do I change the language setting in my account?

Trainings purchased via myGCP.world are not available in the Dutch language. This is our international website where all trainings are in English, irrespective of your language choice. On myGCP.nl the WMO/GCP training are available in the Dutch language. Please contact our customer service in case you purchased the wrong training. 

The language of your choice can be changed in the usermenu. Click on the horizontal- striped circle at the top right-hand corner. A dropdown menu appears where you can choose the language of your choice.

How do I get accreditation points for my online training?

In case you correctly filled in your registration number (BIG) and quality register and completed the training (after which you will have received a certificate) the accreditation points will automatically appear in your portfolio. Please refer to the Accreditation overview to see if the training is accredited for your quality register.


Ben je niet tevreden over een dienst of een product van GCP Central, dan horen we dat graag. Vul gerust ons online klachtenformulier in; we streven ernaar binnen twee werkdagen contact met je op te nemen om je bedenkingen te bespreken.

NEWSLETTERStay up-to date with the latest news and myGCP updates right here

NEWSLETTERStay up-to date with the latest news and myGCP updates right here