It’s time to get to know us a little better, so we are proud to announce and share our brand video today.

This year, we launched our new brand and renewed global focus on bringing our new way of learning GCP training to the world,  And now, we want to share more about our vision and mission in our new brand video.  

Why this video? We want you to get to know us, understand what drives us, and see our vision of the future. 

So take a look for yourself 

Behind the scenes of our brand video

“The shoot day was a lot of fun. I believe it is easy to capture our passion and drive, it comes naturally to us.

It’s not always easy to be yourself when the camera is rolling, but we certainly had to do some retakes! 

This video is a nice chance to give people a look behind the scenes, putting faces to names and is just another way to connect to our industry. Real people, with a real passion for change and leaving a positive mark on Good Clinical Practice training.” – Eric

Want to know more our GCP Central, and what drives us?

Discover for yourself why we’re changing the face of GCP Training.