Editorial Note: This blog is the first in a new series from GCP Central where we bring you stories and experiences from behind the scenes. Stay tuned to learn more!

Earlier this year we announced our exciting plans to launch internationally . We started in October by releasing our newly refreshed and revitalized brand in early 2019.

As part of our expansion and brand makeover, GCP Central had a professionally organized brand photo shoot.

We eagerly powdered our noses and readied ourselves in front of the camera (a great team building experience, too).

Why a brand photo shoot?

2019 will mark some very interesting and exciting changes for GCP Central, we do not want to give too much away just yet the photoshoot marks a new era for us.

But do not worry, the parts about GCP Central that you know and love will stay the same – including our full Dutch language support, staff, and learning platform.  

In this sneak peek of our recent photo shoot, we’re opening up the curtain and inviting you behind the scenes during the process of capturing the essence of GCP Central (and our team!).

Lights, cameras, action.

Not only was our brand photo shoot fun, but it was also something none of us had really experienced before.

It was an intense morning, which started at 8 am in the dark. It’s amazing how many people played a part in the excitement, from the full GCP Central team to the photographer, videographer and branding team. With all the shots there were many tasks. It was an unforgettable experience capturing the essence of GCP Central.

The team had a great time, even if we did break a ceiling lamp which smashed a laptop in the process (by accident). Luckily, we’re insured … There were moments when keeping a straight face was hard, especially as Eric is a true James Bond when posing for headshots. And times, where we were wondering why we did not shoot in the summer, as standing outside in a sleeveless dress in November, is less than comfortable.

With the help of the photographer and team, it was a fantastic session. Everyone was relaxed and comfortable, which is a difficult thing to say when you think about a photo shoot.  Afterward, we headed for a cozy lunch with everyone, making the day just that bit more special. The whole idea was to capture the image of GCP Central, not just as staged photos from a library, but as a representation of our people and people behind our company.  

So what’s next for GCP Central?

Stay tuned in 2019. We’ll be sharing more behind the scenes stories as we travel along our branding launch path to reveal the new GCP Central and the story behind our brand.

But for now, here’s a sneak peek at some scenes and we’re looking forward to seeing you next year.

photo shoot



phoot shoot