This year we enthusiastically launched our new brand to the world and have been rolling out myGCP improvements all along with it since then. Part of our improvements was the implementation of two different myGCP environments entry domains. One of which is specifically for the Dutch community and one for the global community. 

In this article, you’ll learn how these two domains (myGCP entry points) differ so you can make the right choice in which myGCP link is best for you and your own learning. Let’s go into the differences and clarify which one is best for your GCP training needs. – Specific for the community in the Netherlands

Are you working in the Netherlands with Dutch Clinical research regulations? Then is the right platform entry point for you. Our WMO/GCP courses and Dutch community are there and we provide news articles and updates about the latest changes to Dutch legislation. is perfectly tailored to suit those doing clinical research within the Netherlands, making it the myGCP entry point for your national training. – Specific for the international community

Are you working in Europe or worldwide? Then is your myGCP entry point, focussing on global clinical trials, guidelines, and also European legislation. is complemented by regional platforms, which contain regional GCP guidelines, and can be accessed in the local language. If you’re doing clinical research outside the Netherlands, then this is the platform link for you.

This change was implemented to deliver regional specific communities content, and news. 

We’re changing the face of GCP training, making it more efficient for those involved in clinical research. If you have any questions about how GCP Central can tailor GCP training for you either inside, or outside the Netherlands, why not give us a call?