Did you know that over the past year, we have increased the number of courses we offer by 400%? As our company has grown, so has our GCP training course portfolio, providing a more extensive range of courses catering to both the Dutch and English-speaking research communities.

Our commitment is to provide a better way of training, and we are changing our course titles to help you more easily find the course you need.


We’re bringing essential improvements to the myGCP learning platform and courses.

Based on feedback, we have been busy behind the scenes on improving our course titles. The new course titles will be more descriptive of the course level and precisely reflect the regulations and region they cover. You can quickly filter these categories to find the right training.

That’s why on September 8th, we’ll be updating our course titles on GCP Central’s website, webshop, and within myGCP.nl and myGCP.world.


The updated course titles are significantly more descriptive as they will contain the region, regulation, job role, study phase, and the level of the course. We are striving to make the course titles more transparent for you with a straightforward system.


All our course titles will show the level of the course; these include Introductory, Fundamentals, Basic, and Expert. You’ll see in the title if it’s Blended or In-Company. The level will always be followed by the Regulation and Region of clinical research in the title. It will be easier to find what you’re looking for and to understand which course is relevant to you and your needs.

The titles formed out of the following categories:


Course levels will change from Light, Light Plus, Standard, and Expert to these descriptive levels.

Example English Course Title

  • Online WMO/GCP training will become Expert WMO GCP Course for Clinical Trials in The Netherlands
  • Light ICH/GCP – Conduct will become Introductory ICH GCP Course to Conduct International Clinical Trials

Example Dutch Course Title

  • Online WMO/GCP training wordt Expert WMO GCP Training voor Klinisch Onderzoek in Nederland
  • Light ICH/GCP – Indiening wordt Introductie ICH GCP Training voor de Indiening van Klinisch Onderzoek in ICH-regio’s 


The newly updated course titles will roll-out together with a revamped and improved website to support them on Tuesday, September 8th. So, right now, nothing changes.

Our commitment is to provide a better way of training, and this improvement will help you find the course you need faster, especially as we expand our course portfolio even more in the future.

  1. When the new titles go live, we’ll give you an online decision tree tool to make sure you can find the course you want, quickly and more efficiently.
  2. Our full course library will be updated and available online and you’ll be able to purchase the training you need right away.
  3. We’ll provide you with a PDF overview with all the new and old titles in Dutch and English so you can easily cross-reference the list directly for your convenience.
  4. The “old” course title will still be listed in the course descriptions, making it easier for you to cross-reference your records and search on the website and webshop.


There is a better way for GCP training, and GCP Central is dedicated to bringing it to you. We’re equipping clinical research professionals with the right training and the convenience of any time, anywhere on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

If you have questions about these upcoming changes, you can always get in touch via our websitemail, or telephone between 9 AM and 5 PM CET on +31 (0)85 130 54 89 or contact our Sales team.

These changes are coming on September 8th, and you will receive more information and a walkthrough of improvements in detail in our next news post.