Actively learn about GCP

Learn how you can really put Good Clinical Practice guidelines into practice

Practical learning about GCP

GCP training isn’t something you do just to “check a box.” You also want to to learn how to translate these rules and regulations into clinical research, so that you know what you need to do in practice. Our GCP training is developed according to educational principles that make your learning as effective as possible.


The GCP training consists of lessons of about 10 minutes. You can easily complete a chapter between your other daily tasks, or on the train ride home.

Want to pause a lesson halfway? No problem. myGCP will remember which question you were on, and the next time you log-in you can continue from there.

Before you know it, you’ll have completed the entire training.


We offer our content in various different forms. Each lesson consists of a combination of text, images, and different types of assignments. You answer questions, watch videos, and study infographics. There’s something for every learning style. The variety makes your learning more fun and effective.

Time/cost savings

Online learning is not only fun, active, and varied, but it also saves you time. There’s no commute to a physical location, and you don’t need to free up time in your schedule for a fixed course day. Instead, you can learn whenever is convenient for you.

The modular structure makes learning more efficient: you can squeeze multiple quick learning moments into your regular working day or the evening. Online learning is available 24/7. No classic training can compete with that.

Multiple roles

The online GCP training is relevant to every clinical research role: monitors, researchers, sponsors, and research nurses.

The lesson content is designed so that, in addition to the information you need for your role, you also learn what the tasks and responsibilities of the other roles are. Essential knowledge for good research collaboration.

Activating, not testing

To really learn something, you need to be conscious of what you don’t know, and reflect on yourself and the lesson material. To stimulate this, we pose 5 to 7 “activation questions” per lesson, that get you actively thinking about GCP and also about lesson material that hasn’t been covered yet. Mistakes are allowed. You will receive immediate feedback so that you can learn from your wrong answers. That’s what you learn the most from, right?

Learn from real-life cases

If you’re forced to learn rules that you can’t directly apply to your work, you won’t remember them. Our GCP training includes cases and questions based on existing research situations. Experienced researchers and research professionals share how they deal with specific situations in their research.

You learn from actual practice and can apply what you learn directly to your work.

Why choose a WMO/GCP training from GCP Central?

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