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Press and Speaking engagements with Marieke Meulemans

GCP Central CEO and Founder Marieke Meulemans speaks routinely across Europe at industry events, corporations, universities, nonprofits and professional organizations.

Marieke Meulemans founded GCP Central in 2012 and is the driving force behind the company’s powerful vision. She has a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences and over 15 years of experience in the life science industry. Including her work for top 50 Pharma companies, CROs and training academic hospitals in clinical research, Marieke has strong regulatory knowledge. She combines this with her expertise in strategic learning management and innovative online learning methods. Marieke’s mission is to make GCP knowledge a core part of everyday practice and improve the quality of research. She wants to make yearly GCP training obsolete by pioneering a continuous learning strategy in the life science industry.

Her passion for making GCP training accessible for busy professionals and her desire to move beyond the endless powerpoints and stuffy classrooms for training makes her an engaging and passionate speaker. Marieke’s unique presentation style, and enthusiasm and expertise in clinical research will bring flair to your next conference or webinar.

Languages spoken: Nederlands, English

Marieke’s discussions cover various topics including: 

  • How GCP and regulatory knowledge can become part of your team’s daily routine.
  • The future of online regulatory (GxP) training.
  • How guidelines and regulation like EU CTR and ICH-GCP can impact clinical research quality.
  • Utilizing continuous learning in clinical research
  • Test or train? How to assess and acknowledge the current skills of your team.
  • Training the clinical research team of the future.

Both Marieke and I share a common passion for  supporting Industry, Regulators and healthcare providers deliver optimal Clincal trials and operations. We have spoken together in the public domain on a number of different occasions and I am consistently impressed by how her passion translates into not just valuable insight for stakeholders, but through into GCP Centrals training products.

Sebastian Payne, Deloitte

I had the opportunity to share the stage with Marieke. She is a real professional as a speaker and host.

She is dedicated, flexible in the moment when needed, and focused on the audience and the content.  Her performance is with a smile and has a big impact because of this professionalism and her refreshing energy and natural presence.

Luyten van den Berg, The Company Athletes

We had pleasure to invite Marieke to present EU CTR on the Optimapharm GCP Academy training in Zagreb, Croatia. Marieke is an excellent speaker with wide knowledge of the subject, and she transmits it in an interesting and easily understandable way. Her passion on the topic and dynamic presentation tools makes listeners easily involved. She effectively commands attention, and we are looking forward to her next presentation!


Ana Stojkovic, Optimapharm

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About gcp central

,Founded in 2012, GCP Central applies a modern approach to GCP training through their online learning hub myGCP. They acknowledge that clinical research professionals don’t always have the time to sit through endless PowerPoint presentations or text-based e-learning modules, GCP Central literally puts GCP knowledge into the pocket of a clinical research professional, keeping them up date on the go.

Innovation is key to this life-science start-up, as shown by the introduction of the myGCP app – that keeps clinical research professionals continuously up to date with the latest regulatory knowledge, ensuring that medical scientific research is conducted according to the latest quality standards and regulations. This results in the highest possible quality clinical research. 

Through myGCP, GCP Central takes good clinical practice training to new levels, by providing convenient, up to date and continuous online learning for professionals at times that suit them. What sets us apart is the addition of extra learning methods to our high quality GCP training: our community adds real-time knowledge-sharing, translating regulations to practice. And the continuous learning method ensures our learners never have to follow a GCP training again. We are dedicated to changing the face of GCP training by making it convenient, efficient and fun.

We believe that by empowering professionals with knowledge, they can improve the quality of their work and maximize clinical trial impact. We are revolutionizing GCP training.


NEWSLETTERStay up-to date with the latest news and myGCP updates right here

NEWSLETTERStay up-to date with the latest news and myGCP updates right here