Continuous learning is a revolutionary concept, but when it comes to the world of GCP training, It has the potential to change everything. Rather than marking a checkbox every year, those involved in clinical research could use bite-sized learning moments and optimize their learning.

Join Marieke Meulemans of GCP Central at the United Conference of Clinical Trials and Clinical Research” webinar on April 15th, 2021. She will lead the discussion on “Innovative Online Learning Methods to Train Clinical Staff Effectively And Ensure Compliance: Is Continuous Learning The Answer?”

In this session, you’ll learn how your company can drive better quality clinical research through embracing the future of e-learning: continuous learning.

Bite-sized learning moments can optimize learning because team members can update their knowledge on the go. They can use real-life situations to cement their understanding of GCP regulations. This session will also show how this Innovative learning method can save money and time on retraining and reducing the risk of non-compliance and delays In clinical trials.

Explore how your company can respond faster and more flexibly to industry changes, as Marieke uses her experience In the field and as director of GCP Central to show how continuous learning can create positive change. GCP Central’s core values of liberating clinical research professionals from the checkbox mentality of GCP training come from her own experience In the Industry, both as a trainer and clinical research. Her belief that GCP training doesn’t have to be boring fuels her passion for changing the perception of learning about rules and regulations.

Ready to see how continuous learning can change your clinical research quality and help your teams drive better quality results?  Join Marieke Meulemans on April 15th at the “United Conference of Clinical Trials and Clinical Research” webinar. Let her guide you through how continuous learning can make changes to your teams’ perception of GCP training, how It can save your company time and money, drive results, and ensure compliance and reduce delays. Register now.