Learn about Good Clinical Practice (GCP) online now

AMC employees are taking advantage of a new, flexible way to learn about clinical research regulations. In our program there is no dry theory in stuffy training rooms; it’s online learning where and when it works for you. You actively work through the material via questions, videos, and case studies. Once the course is completed, you will receive a recognized EGCP certification and your accreditation points, and you will be ready for EMWO’s mandatory national GCP-WMO exam.
Which training product is best for you? Take a look through our offerings.

Training products for AMC employees

Online WMO/GCP trainingen – Light

Ideal for those who want to contribute to WMO/GCP research but don’t need to learn everything. You will receive the Basics module, and you can choose 1 of the 6 accreditation modules.

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€58,50excl. btw

Online WMO/GCP trainingen – Erkend certificaat

The perfect solution for those who want to learn everything about WMO/GCP. This training consists of a Basic module and 6 accreditation modules. Good preparation for the national GCP-WMO exam.

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€ 157,50excl. btw

GCP-WMO examen – landelijke registratie

Once your have completed the online WMO/GCP training, you are ready for the national GCP-WMO exam. You can register for the exam through GCP Central, at the same time that you sign up for the WMO/GCP training. Note that this exam is always held in Amersfoort. Scored 80% or above? Then you are certified for 4 years and registered in the GCP-WMO register. This certification is required at AMC.

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€ 110,00excl. btw

Online WMO/GCP trainingen – Light

Have you passed the GCP exam and had your name registered in the GCP register, but your registration will expire soon? Extend your registration in the GCP/WMO register with the online WMO/GCP re-registration course. No exam required.

€112,50excl. btw

Why choose GCP Central?

Watch the video below to learn why researchers are choosing to do their WMO/GCP training online with GCP Central.

A WMO/GCP certification in 3 easy steps

make account

Go to myGCP and make a personal account. Activate your myGCP® account via the activation link we send to your email address.

choose license

Which type of license is best for you and your situation? Read the online descriptions in the payment module and choose Light, Completely online, or Blended with exam. It’s easy to pay online via iDeal or Paypal. Once your payment is confirmed, your chosen training program will be waiting for your online portal.

follow the training

You can begin working through the online modules right away on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Once you have completed your course, you can download your WMO/GCP certificate, and you are ready for the GCP-WMO exam. You will be able to access the training and myGCP® functionalities for one year, so you can look things up even once your training is complete.
Discount conditions: This AMC discount is available through December 31, 2018. Enter the discount code AMC2018 in the myGCP webshop when purchasing the training to receive the discount. The discount applies to the price of the course, not the price of the GCP-WMO exam. GCP Central will not reimburse the price difference if the discount code is not properly applied.