By dr Martijn van Eck, Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis

Per 20 april was us all through the newsletter and the website of the WCN participation in GCP-Online offered. Why this new GCP course?

The theory
Seasoned research professionalsWCNhave already completed a minimum of twenty GCP training courses. Each sponsor / CRO has its own ‘compulsory’ GCP course, which you must follow in order to start the research. With the CROs and other sponsors operating in the Netherlands, it has been agreed that a so-called Transcelerate-proof GCP training should be introduced to prevent the unnecessary repetition of GCP courses. A certificate of the training viamyGCPensures that the sponsor no longer has to bother you with a next ‘mandatory’ GCP training, but can use the certificate equally to document your knowledge about GCP.

This will save us a lot of time in the future and possibly even reduce the duration of a study. Moreover, the training of GCP-Onlineaccredited by the following associations kills two birds with one stone.

· Nurses & Caretakers Netherlands: 9 points
· Quality register Nurses & Caretakers: 9 points
· Nursing specialists registry: 9 points
· Dutch Association for cardiovascular Nurses: 9 points
· Registry care professionals: 9 points
· KNMG-GAIA: 8 points

Of course I immediately (!) a login code requested from Natasja Hablous,WCNwhich I received the next day. After sign up you can specify on the website which experience in the field of research is suitable tomodules be activated. My experience was that the training both on a tablet pc is good. The entire courseis in Dutch and more or less focused on Dutch practice. Movies, animations and questions alternate.

Before you know it well you are through the modules and you get the opportunity to print and / or save your GCP certificate. This certificate can be used in the future to show sponsors that you do NOT have to go through study-specific GCP training courses anymore as youThave a Transcelerate- GCP certificate

In short; a beautiful and practical solution for a frustration for many of us!

Do you also want a practical WMO/GCP online training to follow? Instantly create an account on myGCP and start when it suits you.