For 20 years, The Vascular Research Network (VRN) brings clinical studies to Netherlands and mediates them between pharmacist, vascular internists and cardiologists. From september 2016 they go the myGCP learning environment use of GCP Central, with a unique link from their own website. Peter K, Managing Director of VRN, talked about quality, speed and Good Clinical Practice.

What exactly is your network?
There are about 50 hospitals affiliated with the network. VRN representing them to the pharmaceutical companies, and vice versa. We pick up investigations in Netherlands and ensure the most suitable research sites in the investigation. Then we guide the sites in the investigation: we provide advice when you start the study, help a quick inclusion of patients and to the protocol. We also take care of the finances as we negotiate the study budget with the pharmaceutical companies. The research sites know that they are well paid, and the drug companies know that they are good quality.

You are now also offer GCP training to the network. What was the reason for that?
The Netherlands has a good reputation as aresearch country. We are outstanding at complex studies with a long lead time and a lot of people. The data we provide is reliable and we are good and fast in finding patients who continue to be involved in the research. VRN would also contribute to the quality of the research sites. A GCP training is a part of.

We want to get away from the ‘musts ‘. GCP training is an added value for yourself. You should want to do it! Successful research is important. Each medicine that we have is by clinical research. There are people who are waiting for better or new treatments. Without renewal go out there do not come. To be able to excel as a site you need to continue to learn and invest in quality.

Why do you team up with GCP Central?
GCP training is well suited for online learning such as GCP Central modules. You can start and stop whenever you want and plan the training into your schedule. Furthermore, it provides more multimedia capabilities: the training case studies illustrating with movies and make it more real. It also offers the ability to monitor your progress.

We are going to myGCPintegrate the learning portal into our website. VRN has grown strongly in recent years. We also now have an office in Belgium and are already setting our sights on Germany. To strengthen our network position, we want to be recognized as a knowledge centre. The portal gives you access to information such as GCP trainingthe preparation lists we make for each examination, and you can get in touch with fellow professionals. Problems in hospital A may have been already solved in hospital B. This portal makes possible for knowledge exchanges.

An important feature of GCP Central’s training method is that you can come back and can learn more often. Did you know that people can do this?
Yes. I’m not worried about it. You will be kept informed with notifications from the active Portal. In fact the material comes to you. In addition, the modules are accredited and they count toward your BIG-registration.

When is it a success?
We have 200 licenses with continuous learning for three years. If those licenses are quickly purchased and we have to buy more, then it’s a success. We’re going to send a newsletter every quarter and if there is a major change is in the legislation, we will send a direct mail. The new GCP training will be launched at a meeting that we organize for research professionals. If hear that, I think that the news will spread like wildfire!

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