By Debby Zweers, WCN training working group

On 23 June, the first meeting for the kickoff of MyGCP and the round table discussion. In the Stenden hotel in Leeuwarden, we gathered a nice roundup of sites in the North.

Kickoff meeting MyGCP
After a smooth opening, the floor was given to Marieke Meulemans, founder of GCP Central. Marieke held a presentation on the product MyGCP, the background and purpose. They also declared that the time of endless Powerpoint presentations is over. Training for Good Clinical Practice can be fun, better and above all more personal. The motto is: learning made personal. That is, the training is tailored to your personal situation. GCP Central is convinced that the quality of research is better if the training content is more in line with our work.

In advance, all participants were asked to bring a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This evening we started right away. On the basis of set-up questions, everyone is guided through the internet application of myGCP. Some sites have theGCP training already done and feedback about a specific question word quickly rounded up and taken away. Problems are submitted to Marieke and her team quickly resolved and all questions are ultimately answered.

The program contains modules you can follow in your own time. Per module are you allowed a half hour to 45 minutes, but if you want you can go deeper into a topic. As soon as updates are available, you are personally informed of this. Documents you can print out and use immediately. Flexible, user friendly and ‘ hey, finally not so boring ‘ are the comments you often hear on this evening.