More and more studies are being conducted involving staff who don’t handle all aspects of GCP, especially in Decentralized Clinical Trials. There is a lot of uncertainty about what these people need to know about Good Clinical Practice.  

ICH E6(R2) and ISO 14155 require that sponsors and investigators delegate tasks only to qualified personnel. But how do you train an IMP transport service, a home health nurse, or nurses working in a nursing home sufficiently – and at the same time efficiently – on GCP?  

We’re bringing a solution for your Decentralized clinical trials site training. 

Our new e-learning course, “The Clinical Study” will be a 45-minute e-learning for site staff in Decentralized Clinical Trials 

GCP Central will shortly offer an interactive e-learning course that introduces home care nurses, drivers, and other site staff involved to the most critical aspects of clinical trials in a manageable amount of time. 

Our course: 

  • is adjusted to the learning style & education level of home health nurses 
  • is easy to request, highly interactive, and self-paced  
  • is available via all devices to learn whenever and wherever it suits 
  • includes a certificate 
  • is available in languages English and German 

Storytelling with real-world scenarios 

Learners are guided through the critical points of clinical trials in a storyline with two main characters: Manja and Luca are at the beginning of their professional careers and come into contact with the topic of clinical trials for the first time. They research online and talk to an experienced investigator and Luca’s aunt, a clinical monitor. This is a relatable story, and the e-learning concludes with a short test of 5 questions and produces a certificate of participation upon successful completion.  

Want to close the gap in your decentralized clinical trials? Get in touch to discover more about this course, or watch our social media to see the release date