How long is my GCP certificate valid? This is one of our frequently asked questions. While some companies offer certificates for 2, 3or 4 years, at GCP Central we take our training a little more indepth.  In this article, we’ll go over some key factors about our GCP training, and explore the depths of how long our training lasts.  

Why GCP Central’s Training?  

It’s part of every audit for clinical trials, and it is mandatory, but there’s no standardized requirements on how Good Clinical Practice is taught.  For compliance, you  need to present a valid certificate showing you have been trained in the principles of GCP. The rest is simply a matter of passing the required tests.  

Our training moves forward from the mandatory side, and takes learning to the next level. We use innovative learning methods like continuous learning to bring the knowledge you need to life.  It’s a combination of personalized experiences and active learning through training that’s at the tips of your fingers when you want.  

Your training, on the go, to be completed when you have the moment. We’re taking training out of the classroom and making it personal for you.  

How Long Is My GCP Certificate Valid? 

Some companies only offer certificates that remain valid for 2,3 or 4 years. It’s a little different with our training, as we believe that your training stays valid until there’s a critical update.  One of the features of our training is that our certificates don’t expire. As long as you’re keeping up to date with our training (through our push notifications), your GCP certificate is valid.   

The regulations around training do change from time to time, but that’s not a reason to retrain just to get a new certificate.  We recognize the learning you’ve already completed, so instead, you simply have to retake the module that is impacted by the regulation change. Once this is completed, you’re back to being compliant and audit ready within a short period of time.  

This way, your GCP certificate remains valid continuously, without the need to redo the bits that you already know.  

Recognized Training With On-Demand Certificates 

Another feature of our training is that it’s a recognized certificate – it’s as portable as your training.  

Our GCP training is recognized by Transcelerate.  This means that it meets the standards put forward for GCP training for researchers and research staff, and is therefore accepted by all pharmaceutical companies with affiliations with Transcelerate.  You won’t need to do another GCP course if this is the case.  

And proving you’re compliant is just as easy! Simply head over to your profile page on myGCP, scroll to the bottom and you’ll be able to see all your certificates. Click on the certificate icon to download it, and it’s available as a PDF instantly. It’s really that simple.  

Ready To Take Your GCP Training To The Future? 

Head over to our training section to see the wide range of options we have for your role in clinical research.  If you’re conducting research in the Netherlands, our WMO-GCP training can be found here, and for International research, we’ve got you covered with ICH-GCP.   

Unsure of which type of training you need? Get in touch with our customer service team here.   

Need multiple licences, or a tailored blended training for your team? Then reach out and ask for a quote here. 

GCP training doesn’t have to be endless powerpoints, and inaccessible. With GCP Central, our innovative, interactive and recognized training is designed with busy professionals in mind, meaning that you can prove you’re compliant quickly and efficient.  After all, being up to date with your training means that your research can move smoothly, saving you time and money, and bringing positive change to human health faster.  Click here to keep your GCP Certificate valid.