The time of GCP training in stale training rooms with endless PowerPoints is over. GCP Central develops a unique learning concept where you learn Good Clinical Practice on the basis of relevant cases.

As a student you are invited to the GCP platform: a learning environment with training, different practical cases and all kinds of tools. You can choose from an online training or a blended training, combining the best of e-learning and face-to-face training. For both training courses, you can adjust them yourself according to your level of knowledge, field of work and role. This way you learn Good Clinical Practice in an efficient and fun way with content that is relevant to you.

Real-life cases for different roles
The cases were made by researchers, for researchers. No generalities, but real dilemmas from daily practice. By solving the dilemmas, you discover which choices you make, and see what consequences they have for your research. You can also move in someone else’s role. For example, what does GCP mean for the monitor, sponsor, researcher or auditor?

Continue to learn
The ambition of GCP Central is that the GCP training is no longer a tickbox training that people do every two years, but that people regularly do a case to challenge themselves and to do their clinical research even better. The learning environment is therefore permanently accessible to course participants. You can come back to do a new case, or to engage with other students, experienced researchers and other professionals.

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