More than GCP training

Our online GCP trainings deliver more than GCP-complaint staff.

Managers have direct insight into GCP training progress

Do you offer online WMO/GCP training to your staff? Then you are giving them access to a training method that has been proven effective and fits into a busy work schedule. There are also advantages for you as department head, CRA manager, or science coordinator. We can give you more insight into the GCP compliance of your people or take over your organization’s WMO/GCP training completely.


As an organization, it’s essential to have insight into the GCP compliance of your staff. To support you in this, we deliver detailed progress reports. These offer insight into the licensing codes issued, the training progress of each participant, and whether they stay up-to-date after receiving their GCP certification.


The dashboard gives organizations a quick overview of the training progress per participant, the number of certified participants, and the number of active licenses. Handy if you are preparing for an audit or inspection. Contact participants directly, generate reports, and get a quick update on the number of licenses you still have.

Linking to a learning portal

The ultimate convenience? Offer the online GCP training directly through your organization’s digital learning environment. No separate course administration for WMO/GCP trainings – everything via your own training portal. Staff members see the GCP training in their own portfolios and follow the course from there. Managers can see the results directly. We use “LTI coupling” to work with any learning system. Easy, right?

Saving time & costs

Online training is efficient for both the organization and your employees. Staff members don’t lose an entire day in a training location and don’t have to rearrange their schedules and to-dos for a day of class. How does the organization profit? No training venue, catering, or IT costs. No hours lost to handling registrations and cancellations, accreditation questions, making certificates, and other organizational matters. We do it for you.

Vraag direct een offerte aan voor een GCP training

Bent u geïnteresseerd in de mogelijkheden van GCP Central, vraag direct vrijblijvend een offerte aan voor een GCP training voor uw bedrijf.


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