Friday, April 20, 2018, 9:30–17:00 at GCP Central in Amersfoort

by Petra Westveer, IKNL

This is an excellent opportunity to invest in yourself. Don’t wait to sign up! Learn how to gather data in clinical research the right way.


Data management is more than the unscrupulous collecting of a lot of data.
How do you decide which data you need to answer your research question? How do you gather this data and ensure that the data quality is high enough? How do you set up a good database? What is actually permitted in data gathering? What do you do if something unexpected happens?

The Basic & Advanced Data Management masterclass led by Petra Westveer, team leader at the trial bureau of the Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL), is organized in cooperation with GCP Central, the training agency specialized in practically oriented training in Good Clinical Practice and clinical research.

The masterclasses:

In the morning program (part 1), you will learn about all the facets of effective data management. Then you get to work yourself following a protocol and deciding which data you need to answer the research question. You’ll follow this data through the study: what are the risks in data gathering? What controls and methods can you use to protect the quality of the data? Using the basic principles of data management, you’ll learn what you need to pay attention to when setting up and supervising quality data collection, from the design of the Case Report Form (CRF) to the analysis of the results.

The afternoon session (part 2) covers ensuring the integrity and quality of research data in unpredictable practical situations. There is plenty of opportunity with the group to dive into cases brought in by participants. What challenges will you run into in the process of clinical data management, from CRF design, through collecting and cleaning data, to database lock? How can you best handle these? We will immerse ourselves in the application of the basic principles that were discussed in the morning.

Part 1 focuses on acquiring knowledge and insight. Part 2 is mainly about exchanging knowledge and ideas with each other.

Target audience:

The masterclass is intended for anyone involved in designing studies or developing eCRFs or databases, such as doctors, Ph.D. students, (junior) researchers, research coordinators, nurses, monitors, CRAs, project managers, and, of course, data managers.

Part 1: For people with little to no experience in the field of data management as well as experienced data managers looking for more structure and insight into the hows and whys of their work.

Cost: 99 euros, excl. VAT

Part 2: For anyone with some practical experience with data management who is looking to deepen their skills and learn ways to handle difficult practical situations.

Experienced data managers and those who took the Spring School data management masterclass in 2017 should sign up for part 2 only.

Cost: 99 euros, excl. VAT

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