Over the last few years, there’s a rise in the popularity of online e-learning courses and training. This is not only within the pharmaceutical world but across many different industries. 

Why choose e-learning?

With the ever-increasing pace of technology, people are looking for easier ways to accommodate their busy lives. People no longer have the time to sit through endless PowerPoint presentations or enormous text-based e-learning modules.

At GCP Central, we passionately believe that an innovative approach to continuous learning is important in today’s busy climate.

Here are our top 5 reasons why e-learning is the new modern classroom and here to stay.

# 1 Cost-effectiveness

E-learning is fast gaining a reputation for being convenient and cost-effective. Forget about hiring a trainer for the day, and all the associated expenses, as well as the time away from work. Such as project manager of a trial. E-learning takes away the hidden expenses and stress. Such as the stress for your assistant needing to reschedule your patients or the number of emails and voicemails piling up when losing a working day as project manager of a trial.

# 2 Time-effectiveness

We all lead busy lives. Wave goodbye to time lost travelling to a location in Europe as your company wants to “cost-effectively” train all staff at once. E-learning allows you to learn how to arrange and do business with day-to-day activities.

# 3 Learn at your own pace

 Learning at your own pace is another advantage or e-learning. After all, it is a personal experience, and there are many different styles. With e-learning, there’s no peer pressure to rush ahead, or pressure for instructors to adjust their speed for students. You decide how fast you go through the learning materials.

# 4 Choose your learning environment

With e-learning, it’s your choice where you learn. The world is your oyster, or in this case, classroom. You can determine where it is and whether you are at home, at the office or on the train. Our participants learn when and where it fits best: during the night shift at the hospital ward.

# 5 The most up-to-date knowledge

The great thing about e-learning is content is easily updated. This means the latest knowledge at their fingertips, without having to wait for endless paper updates or “GCP booklets” that are outdated before they arrive.
Why choose e-learning?

Our Conclusion

GCP Central’s top 5 reasons to choose GCP e-learning instead of the classroom.

Through our modern approach to GCP training, our myGCP app empowers professionals to keep up to date on the go.


Not convinced? Here are another 5 reasons why myGCP makes our users happy.

  1. You can review the GCP learning material anytime and anywhere, right at the moment you need it. Just right before your GCP-WMO exam.
  2. When we have new updated learning materials, we send push notifications to students to ensure they never miss an update.
  3. We recognize that social interaction is an integral part of classroom-based learning, that’s why we have an online forum for sharing thoughts or questions within our community. Check it out in your myGCP environment: the “community.”myGCP environment: the “community.”
  4. Flexible and adjustable to your day-to-day planning: start and stop whenever you like. myGCP saves your progress and makes sure you start where you left off.
  5. 24/7 learning access. Yes. Also during your lonely night shifts. 

This is what sets GCP Central apart from the rest.

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