Join experienced trainer and GCP nerd Eric Klaver as he navigates you through the critical points of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Find out the impact this has on international clinical trials based in the USA and why CFR training is essential in the name of compliance and trial data.

Join us live on Thursday, January 28th, at 4:00 PM CET. Expert Trainer Eric Klaver will take the virtual stage and guide you through the differences between ICH-GCP and CFR and the global impact on clinical trials.

As more and more clinical trials take on a global aspect, the need to be up-to-date with international regulations is apparent. Each country has its own regulations, and when clinical trials cross borders, additional rules come into play.


This 1-hour webinar will take you through the key differences between ICH-GCP and how this impacts international collaborations for clinical trials.

International guidelines are applied differently in different countries. It is sometimes unclear as to which parts of US legislation are additional to ICH-GCP and how the CFR interprets ICH-GCP. This webinar is designed to give an inside look into the US-specific requirements for clinical trials and the differences between ICH-GCP and the FDA’s CFR. It can often be unclear as to what is added by US legislation.

In this interactive and informative webinar, you’ll learn:

The Differences Between CFR and GCP

What the CFR adds to GCP in the context of international trials collaborations, and how they differ and the global impact.

Why CFR Training Is Essential

Why your team needs to be CFR compliant as well as GCP ready for clinical trials based in the United States

The Additional Requirements for US-based clinical trials

US legislation creates additional requirements that are not covered by ICH-GCP. What impact does this have on your trial?

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