After a careful selection process, the DCRF has entered a partnership with GCP Central for the development and operation of an online training program on the ECTRThe ECTR, which comes into force in October 2018, is the abbreviation for the EU Regulation 536/2014, concerning clinical trials with medicinal products for human use. The regulation aims to simplify and accelerate clinical drug research within the EU.

ECTR e-learning is intended for all people involved in the design, assessment and / or performance of clinical research, such as researchers, METC members, trial coordinators, research nurses, and CRAs. To ensure that these professionals are informed and prepared when the ECTR starts, the DCRF has agreed with GCP Central that the e-learning will be available from the second quarter of 2018.

The e-learning is part of the activities that the DCRF, as a platform of all parties involved in clinical research undertakes to ensure that Netherlands is well prepared on the new legislation.

GCP Central develops tailor-made learning solutions for parties such as DCRF that bring rules and guidelines to life and promote implementation in practice. In addition, GCP Central has been practically oriented for several yearsWMO/GCP online training in the Netherlands. Know more? Take contact with us.