There are few people that describe GCP training as “fun”. You’re usually bombarded with pages of text to memorize, endless powerpoint presentations and an overwhelming amount of legal articles and phrases to absorb. Probably topped off with a 10 question “test” assuming you have read the information. This kind of GCP training has nothing to do with learning.

At GCP Central, our training method is different.

We use learning questions, instead of text and test questions. Learning questions are not a check of your knowledge or ability to retain large amounts of text. Instead, our questions provide new knowledge in an active way, encouraging you to actively think and find the answer, both based on your current knowledge, and the trigger of new information. The alternate use of small text blocks and learning questions replaces the long text and test questions with a method that stimulates you to think outside the box, and doesn’t force you to regurgitate blocks of text.

Our innovative learning method is focused around short texts, videos and learning questions, helping you to have a long term understanding and retention of GCP knowledge. We want to enable you to understand what you need to know about GCP in your role. More importantly, we want you to be able to implement this in your day to day work. Let’s take a look at how it works, and what makes the GCP Central learning method different.

  • We use interactive learning activities requiring our students to actively work with GCP.
  • We translate the legal articles and phrases to real life research situations with examples and case studies.
  • We use variety and diversity in learning activities to stimulate knowledge retention.
  • We structure our lessons in a recognizable way: the steps in a research project

How does this help our clients?

In September, the EMWO (Dutch exam bureau for medical scientific researchers) announced the graduation rates of the GCP- WMO exam, with GCP Central students having a graduation rate of 84% – as much as 10% higher than the national percentage.

The feedback we receive about our training is that students “completed the training before they knew it”, and that the subjects are presented clearly, and well structured. Students also find our clear and informative questions give insights into their current knowledge, and getting direct feedback on the learning questions is helpful.

Of course, we also hear that sometimes our method isn’t quite what people expected. It’s different to the usual methods and sometimes getting used to our learning method takes some time. Our active e-learning community is here to help, and we love getting customer feedback that helps us review our methods to make it even better. Based on the user feedback, we will soon implement an improved instruction about the learning method in myGCP.

So why make the switch to GCP Central?

We focus on a long term understanding of GCP. Our learning method helps people retain the knowledge they learn in the GCP training. We use real life, on the job situations in our training to help you translate the Good Clinical Practice guidelines to your day to day job. You can directly apply what you’ve learned to your existing research skills.

Our training method is active and engaging – it takes GCP from mundane to interesting and interactive, and far less boring. We are driving a future where Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training is more than just a checkbox, and has a positive effect on the quality of clinical research.

Our students’ scores on the GCP-WMO exam in the Netherlands alone are higher than the national average – demonstrating that the retention of GCP knowledge is better between the training sessions and the exams, which usually is one to three months. With our services in myGCP, you will not only retain your GCP for three months, but have GCP knowledge in your pocket the rest of the year. And beyond.

Are you interested in learning more about our innovative training methods?

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