After obtaining the WMO/GCP certificate (EMWO) you need to do refresher training every four years. The so-called re-registration or hercertificeringscursus. This is so you are aware of new developments in the field of quality assurance and regulatory, and thereby certified.

GCP Central launches in september 2016 as the first in a full online Netherlands WMO/GCP course, which re-registers students at home, on the train or during the night shift. You don’t have to travel to any classroom sessions, but does the re-registration course from your own (work) place and when it suits you.

There are within the NFU made agreements about the content of course. The course of GCP Central meets these content requirements and is recognized by EMWO, the examination Board responsible for registration and re-registration in the WMO/GCP register of the NFU.

After completion of the refresher course the student is kept up to date on:

– the changes in last four years to new laws and regulations in the field of medical scientific research; such as the insurance decision 2015, new demands on safety reporting and disclosure data.
– the specific subjects adopted by the NFU for re-registration; including Safety Reporting, quality assurance, academic integrity, local review (RET), multicenter trials and research with medical devices.
– the changes to laws and regulations in the coming years that will be accepted; such as the changes in ICH-GCP per 2016, the new EU privacy laws and the EU Regulation medicines per 2018.

After full completion of the re-registration modules your participation is credited to your myGCP passport, and we will pass your re-registration to EMWO. They ensure that your registration in the WMO/GCP registry at the NFU is extended for 4 years. In addition, you will receive a EMWO certificate of re-registration. Re-registration for the online course will be requested accreditation at KNMG-GAIA and V&VN.

When should you recertify?

No later than four years after your WMO/GCP-registered certification, it is required to do a recertification course if you are, or will be working as a clinical researcher. For those who are currently WMO/GCP registered, there is a transition period, where those who qualified 6 years ago need to recertify with WMO/GCP. If your initial WMO/GCP registration was after October 1, 2010, then you have until 1 October 2016 to re-certify. Not re-registered within this time? Then you must take the exam again.

Are you interested in the WMO/GCP GCP’s Central’s re-registration course, and need more information about the price and any group discounts? Please contact us.