Earlier this month (after months and months of preparation) we finally relaunched GCP Central with a fresh new look and a brand new website.

Today, we’re sharing our rebrand story and launch video. 

It all started in September last year when we decided that after nearly 7 years, the brand no longer matched the business we’d grown into.

GCP Central had simply evolved, and it was time to make a move and change with the times.

We decided to recollect our thoughts, sit down and map out the future of GCP Central.

We worked for months with branding agency iGina and life-science business consultants Seuss Consulting to extract the essence of GCP Central, and redefine what we stand for, what we believe, where we see the future and how we are going to get there, we developed a new business DNA rooted in both passion and purpose that aligns us to our vision and helps us better connect to our customers.

At the end of last year, we started to release subtle changes in preparation including an international launch, and one of our most significant changes to date – switching our business language to English.

It’s been a monumental journey for our team and we want to share some pictures from over the last 6-months from our branding sessions, our behind the scenes brand photo-shoot, and special launch party.

Our new business vision

We are driving a future where Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training is more than just a checkbox. We are intent on inventing the next era of GCP learning tools, improving the quality of clinical research standards, activating a knowledgeable research community, and positively impacting human health.

Our new business mission

To be agents of change who translate clinical research regulations to real-world knowledge and skills by combining our clinical research expertise with revolutionary e-learning tools.

We’ll be back in a few weeks with another blog about our relaunch, what we’ve learned through the process, and how we’re making GCP a core part of everyday practice by fueling research professionals with knowledge and providing them with continuous learning.

Until then #Thereisabetterway