This is a commonly asked question from medical and research professionals and in some cases a slight grey area.

There isn’t one piece of current legislation that dictates the answer, and in many cases, this is dictated by the employer or trust. The answer often depends on the type of research your team is involved in and their previous experience.

Here are some basic guidelines and things to consider.

For clinical trials, the ICH-GCP regulations require that all staff are trained to carry out their duties on each study they are working on. This is not time-bound. If they have just had participated in training and a regulatory change is made, they will need to be informed of these changes and understand the implications for your practice.

Everyone involved in the conduct of clinical research must be competent to perform their tasks, qualified by education, training, and experience. It is important that everyone involved in medical and clinical research is trained or appropriately experienced to perform the specific tasks they are being asked to undertake.

Selecting the right provider

If you Google the term GCP, you’ll find lots of information online, but be sure you enroll with a trusted, acknowledged and accredited supplier. There are increasing adverts for Free GCP courses, but do these meet the legal requirements?

What makes GCP Central Training so unique?

Our training is interactive, engaging and most-importantly continuous, but we offer both online and classroom-based training to suit the needs of medical and research professionals.  Our Blended Learning WMO/GCP Training course is one of our most popular courses.

Blended learning is perfect for research professionals looking for a deep-dive into clinical research. The training is conducted both online, giving you the convenience of learning where you want, and also in a classroom environment, where you can interact with others and build on your learning. It’s also about the possibility to understand how to work with the guidelines, and that is so valuable over just knowing what it says.

The 8 hours online prep allows individuals to fully submerge in WMO and GCP before they join their fellow students in the classroom. The e-learning system, combined with the classroom situation, makes learning come to life, and understanding becomes personal.

We hold courses at our Amsterdam office on a regular basis and these are available in both Dutch and English. These are also available on location for your company. Simply get in touch and we can work out the best solution for you.

Discover more about our Blended Learning course here.

What course is right for my team’s needs?

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