GCP Central has from 1 June 2017 taken over the GCP training activities fromICH Training and adviceAns and Anjo Strik have been active in training research professionals since 1996, and at that time experienced the creation of ICH-GCP. The knowledge of Anjo and Ans that has been acquired over the past 20 years will not be lost and we will continue to proudly propagate it.

We are expanding our portfolio to tailor-made GCP training courses for pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. Read more in the letter in which we announce the takeover to the customers and students of ICH Training and Advice. We will ensure a seamless transition and look forward to serving customers and course participants.

On 3 and 10 October 2017, the first basic course for pharmacists and pharmacists-assistants will take place at GCP Central in Amersfoort. Subscription is already possible. Do you have questions about our new GCP training courses for pharmacists and pharmacy assistants? Then contact us.