At GCP Central, it’s not only about GCP training. We love to share news from our floor and our team, showing that there’s not only a better way with training but also our human side. Our team is growing, and it’s time to introduce you to one of our newest members.

From Australia’s Southern Highlands to the world of GCP training comes our latest GCP Central superstar, Sharon. We sat down with her (with a lot of laughs as well!) to talk more over her new role with the team, and also find out a little bit more about her, and what skills she brings to our amazing team.

Where are you from?

I was born in Bowral (Australia) in 1982. On August 21st, 1992 our family moved to Steenwijk the Netherlands, where we lived with my grandparents. 

In 2001 I moved to Utrecht to study drama and physiotherapy and moved to Amsterdam in 2009.

What is your background?

I come from a very multicultural background, with my family story spanning 3 continents. I think this is what has fueled my passion for learning languages and for understanding people and different cultures. My father is a chef, so I’ve worked in restaurants, and this really has helped me to understand how to adapt to different people, languages and their needs on the spot. This is important when you’re talking with people from different backgrounds and even work positions – everyone is an individual, and it’s important to take this on board.

My mother worked in a hospital and that’s what made me curious about the inner workings of the body, and it also fueled my desire to learn more about the medical side of things.

After being sports-mad for years (ballet, rugby, water polo, street dance, aerobics) I became a sports teacher: pilates, Thai-bo, aerobics, street dance, body jam, yoga, RPM and steps. During this time I had 3 similar knee operations, but all 3 of my physiotherapists gave me different treatments. That really sparked my curiosity and made me wonder why they made those treatment choices.

I was one of those patients who kept on asking questions about my treatments. That’s why I wanted to study physiotherapy, to understand the human body and help people find the “right” why.

Why did you decide to join the GCP Central team?

After being on sick leave for 16 months, due to my shoulder luxation, I found GCP Central!

It’s a job that doesn’t strain my body but has many mental challenges. I’m still working in the field that I studied, and I love it. I’m working with two languages: Dutch and English. I get to help people and multitask.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role?

To expand my knowledge about Good Clinical Practice,  and really give clients a great experience when they call the customer service line, or email me or even talk in person. I want to help as many people as I can and use my skills to create a customer experience that is better than they could have expected, and let them know I care. I want to show people there is a better way with GCP training!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

My hobbies are playing in musicals and singing in a choir. I love dancing and I can still sit in a split!

 Sharon, we wish you all the best in your new role as a Customer Care Specialist with GCP Central. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Sharon is part of our awesome Customer Service team (+31 85 130 54 89), so if you hear her friendly voice on the line, be sure to say hi!