Acknowledge Your Knowledge

We’re close to launching our new myGCP Powerapp and are incredibly excited about it. We’d love to give you some insight into the app’s development in this blog. Why create this app? Because we ran into an old, ingrained pattern and would like to break habits. Recognizing your knowledge of clinical research rules needs to be more efficient, which is why (the mandatory) GCP certification is woven into the system. How does the app work? We’re sharing the rationale behind building the app and giving a preview of the app environment. What are the user experiences with the app? We also engaged in continuous learning and, of course, conducted a few pilots. We would love to share the most striking and exciting results with you.

This 3-part series will take you through the app’s whys and hows and the pilot experiences. You could read in the previous part about our motivation to develop the app. Now we take a closer look at how the app works.

Part 2. How does the app work?

With the myGCP Powerapp, we want to teach new knowledge effectively and efficiently, bringing newer knowledge to the surface; and recognize present knowledge with certificates. In 1885, German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered the “forgetting curve. “When you do not actively use knowledge, you forget most of what you have learned within 24 hours. After a week, you have already forgotten 75% of what you learned.

With the myGCP Powerapp, we make sure GCP learning sticks in short sessions of 5 to 10 minutes by using the following principles:


Small pieces of content are presented in different ways. Even with an overflowing schedule, it is possible to spend some time learning with the Powerapp, as 5 to 10 minutes at a time is enough.

Spaced Learning

We repeat the learning material and questions over time, using Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve. The German psychologist and pioneer in learning psychology research discovered that shortly after the 1st imprinting, the learning material should be repeated. After that, the repetitions should be spread further over time to ensure that the learning material is not forgotten. Based on this forgetting curve of Ebbinghaus, we built intelligent algorithms that repeat the right knowledge at precisely the right time.

Play Learning

Those who fear a lot of repetition will find that the training sessions are fun and challenging. Fun is essential for effective learning. That is why we alternate learning with question-based understanding and with forms of revolutionary “serious gaming.” For example, you can do knowledge duels with colleagues, where the correct answer and the speed of answering count. Will you be the king or queen of the leaderboard?


The algorithms of the myGCP Powerapp ensure that the repetition of questions is based on correctly or incorrectly answering previous questions. Especially the wrongly answered questions return more often, whether in a different question format or not. The correctly answered questions move forward in time. This way, the app automatically focuses on what you don’t know yet, and you spend less time on what you already know. Very efficient!

Role Specific Offerings

The content can be adapted to the user’s role in the research group. This makes the training even more relevant and applicable. You don’t learn what you don’t need to know.

In the pilots, 50% of the participants answered a question about the interaction forms, ‘Nice, I think the variety is just right now’. 10% even answered: ‘Nice, I like it even more’. These results tell us that we are on the right track. A road in which we too will continue to learn, adapt and improve, on to the launch of the myGCP Powerapp!

Does this sound like an app you would like to use? Share your enthusiasm via LinkedIn! And then it’s just patience until the launch of the app, which is coming soon.