At GCP Central, we believe that it is better for the quality of clinical research, if we do not only actively train research professionals in GCP every 2-4 years, but also in the intervening period.

That may sound like “more training”, so the title of this article does not seem to be right. But if you take stock after 5 years, you have been interacting with the material during that entire period and you have been able to apply the knowledge directly in your work: the research you are working on. It works bette,r and is much more efficient than the same course every 2 to 4 years. We call that continuous learning. In this article we explain how our learning system myGCP works and what the benefits are for you as a student.

We offer online GCP training courses, which are modular and help you to set up and carry out your research according to the rules. In addition, we offer a service: if there are legislative updates within 1 year after a student has purchased a license, he gets those updates for free. A student can extend the license (paid) after 1 year and then also use our update services.

What does continuous learning mean?

Continuous learning is an efficient teaching method in which our students only have the modified chapters of theWMO/GCP online trainingto go through again. This is very efficient: you only learn what you do not know yet. The new knowledge that you gain and the training you follow is stored in myGCP for you.

In the next 3 steps you are demonstrably up-to-date with GCP.

Step 1. View the changes

All students with an active license will receive an e-mail about the changes in the Light, Online and Re-registration course. In the changelog inmyGCPthey see an overview of the changes. It is also visible in the modules themselves which chapters have been changed. Click on one of the modified chapters and start your updated training.

Step 2. Go through the online training

The students only go through the modified chapters again: they answer questions about the new regulations and download supporting documentation. In 1.5 hours they are fully and demonstrably trained in the new GCP rules. Do you have a Light license? Then you will be ready in 30 minutes to an hour. In the changelog you can see which chapters and which license types have been changed.

Step 3. Download your GCP Passport

This shows in myGCPand simply states that you are aware of the modified GCP rules and have followed training in this. Important for inspections and audits. You do this with the GCP passport, which can be downloaded from the profile page in myGCP. Add this to your GCP certificate. And do not forget to update your CV …

Do you want to be trained efficiently in the rules of clinical research and receive all updates for free for a year? Then create an account now myGCPand buy the license of your choice in the webshop. Do you have any questions or do not know which course suits you best? Then get incontact with our customer service team.