Our online and blended training meet the minimum requirements for ICH/GCP training courses for researchers and support staff. These requirements are drawn up by TransCelerate, an international cooperation of pharmaceutical companies. From now on their logo is on our certificates. And that can sometimes come in handy if you’re doing research for one of the TransCelerate in affiliated companies.

TransCelerate BioPharma was founded in 2012 and is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting cooperation between (bio) pharmaceutical companies. The organisation is ooking for solutions to common challenges in drug development in order to more efficiently and effectively can develop high-quality new drugs.

One of their initiatives is that they have established minimum requirements for GCP training on behalf of the affiliated companies. The reason for this is that traditionally researchers for each pharmaceutical company must complete the same research questionairres and fill out the same forms and do the same GCP courses to prepare for the investigation. Thissuperfluous and unnecessary GCP training is a big pain point for researchers and research locations.

TransCelerate aims to draw up for minimum requirements for both researcher and Research Center to drive efficiency. If the GCP training is recognized by TransCelerate, this meets the minimum requirements and is accepted by all TransCelerate connected companies, including the top 5 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. View herewhich pharmaceutical companies are connected with TransCelerate. When you’re involved in research as a research location for one of the affiliated companies, our GCP certificate is sufficient. That saves a extra training.

Question is whether the Transcelerate initiative goes out to other companies involved in the development of drugs, such as Clinical Research Organizations. It would be nice if the GCP training from CROs also have to comply with the minimum requirements, so that we at least have an agreed package of requirements to the content of GCP training. That’s a good start towards a quality mark for GCP training.

PS for each new training module that we now develop, we also ask for this to be recognised by TransCelerate.

For more information on TransCeleratewww.transceleratebiopharmainc.com Do you want to know which other accreditations our GCP training courses have? Keep an eye on the website.