We’re pleased to announce that we’re going live with our first webinar – How you can drive better quality clinical research and learning retention with Continuous Learning.


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Join Marieke on the 17th of December at 2pm CET for our first-ever live webinar. It’s easy to register right here. 

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With continuous learning the way of the future, find out how using this innovative, time-efficient method saves you money and avoids unnecessary retraining.

With proven higher learning retention, teams can continuously show they are up to date with the latest regulations.

What you’ll learn

We’ll be talking about ways that continuous learning can be implemented in your everyday life, and about how we can fully utilize devices like tablets and smartphones to study on the go, in every aspect of our lives.

Training is no longer about classrooms and text-based learning, but about interactive, fun ways to learn that optimize retention, ensuring that you are on top of the latest updates and information. 

Get ready to join us, because here at GCP Central we believe that continuous learning is the way of the future. We’re passionate about it, and we know you will be too after our webinar. Join us on December 17 at 2pm to discover more.