We at GCP Central are always looking for new ways to doWMO/GCP training in an even more efficient way. For students, this by only teaching them what is relevant at that moment. For research agencies and managers, by providing reports and insight into training compliance. Now we have something new. From today it is possible to offer our online WMO / GCP training courses via the electronic learning portal of the hospital itself.

When a hospital makes use of our new link, it is no longer necessary to send a student tomyGCP. Instead, the student sees the WMO / GCP training directly in his or her portfolio in the learning portal of the hospital. You decide who see or allocate theGCP training The advantage? The employee has organized all his training courses clearly and the manager has direct insight into the progress of the employee. It does not matter which learning management system the hospital or company uses, we make this link according to the so-called “LTI standard”

What is a LTI link?
LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) is a global open standard developed by a joint venture similar to ICH (that of the Good Clinical Practicestandard). This standard is a kind of language with which all kinds of web-based applications, such as our myGCP application and hospital learning portals, can talk to each other and exchange information.

With the LTI link we make a connection between the 2 systems, allowing staff through the training portal for the hospital directly in myGCPto come and go through the course modules. The obtained results are taken frommyGCPand sent back to the training portal and added to the portfolio of the employee.

What are the benefits for the hospital?

• no separate course administration is necessary for WMO/GCP training
• start immediately with the training through it’s own, familiar learning environment
• self control over who has access to the WMO/GCP training

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a LTI link for your company? Please contact with us. We like to think with you.