Continuous learning is not just a trendy term. It stands for continuing education, which, compared to older learning methods, is a much more efficient way to keep knowledge and qualifications up to date. You also stay abreast of new developments more easily. We embrace this way of learning and are increasingly implementing it in our training courses.

In doing so, we immediately break through an old dogma. First, you need training to gain knowledge. We agree with that. Then the knowledge is tested to issue a certificate. We agree with that, too. But if it is then concluded in the long term that the certificate is valid, we want to change that. We know that the knowledge that has been gained will fade away. So, what is the value of the certificate in the long run?

That acquired knowledge fades away, which will surprise no one. This was already investigated in 1885 by the German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus. He showed that if you do not actively use knowledge, you forget most of what you have learned within 24 hours. After a week, you have forgotten 75% of what you have learned. We see this reflected in Ebbinghaus’ “forgetting curve.”

By repeating the learning material at regular intervals, the curve slopes downward less quickly, and the amount of knowledge retained is greater. As a result, you are more likely to apply this knowledge to your work. And that’s what you do it for, right?

Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve applies to knowledge you don’t apply. Knowledge and skills that the old dogma says you should remain certified for. Is that justified? We believe that you cannot be certified for knowledge you no longer have.

Ebbinghaus Learning Curve - Continuous learning

On the other hand, there is knowledge that you do use. It is not desirable that learning material that you have mastered and used a lot should have to be trained and certified again after the certificate expires. We find that illogical, inefficient, and a waste of time. Precious time in the busy life of a research professional.

To prevent the sinking of acquired knowledge and to avoid having to re-train the knowledge one does have, we developed a prototype of a new learning method and learning platform for GCP training. Several pilots with the myGCP Powerapp have been completed.

The Powerapp fully implements the principle of continuous learning. In short sessions of 5 to 10 minutes, we ensure that knowledge is gained and retained using the following principles


Small pieces of content are presented in different ways. Even with an overflowing schedule, it is possible to spend some time learning with the Powerapp, as 5 to 10 minutes at a time is enough.


We repeat the learning material and questions about time, using Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve. His work shows that shortly after the first imprinting, the learning should be repeated. After that, repetitions should be spread further and further over time to ensure that the learning is not forgotten. Based on this forgetting curve of Ebbinghaus, smart algorithms were built that repeat the right knowledge at exactly the right time.


With the Powerapp, you don’t have to worry about a lot of repetition. Instead, the training sessions are fun and challenging. Fun is essential for effective learning. That is why we alternate learning with question-based learning and with forms of revolutionary serious gaming. For example, users can do knowledge duels with colleagues, where not only the correct answer, but also the speed of your answer count. Who in your organization has the fastest knowledge about GCP?


The algorithms of the myGCP Powerapp ensure that the repetition of questions is based on correctly or incorrectly answering previous questions. Especially incorrectly answered questions recur more often, whether or not in a different question format. The correctly answered questions move forward in time. This way, the app automatically focuses on what you don’t know yet, and you spend less time on what you already know. Very efficient!


The content can be adapted to the user’s role in the research group. This makes the training even more relevant and applicable. You don’t learn what you don’t need to know.


We will tell you more about when the Powerapp will be available and ready to use soon. Want to be the first to get there and use the Powerapp for WMO/GCP re-registration or GCP training in your organization? Make an appointment with Wan Yen for a place on the waiting list and get a quote!