Learn about WMO / GCP and earn points for PE-online … The online WMO / GCP training is accredited for medical specialists, general practitioners and nurses. You do not only learn about the set-up and execution of clinical research, but you also receive your points for further training in PE-online. Each participant who has successfully completed his training after 7 July 2015 and qualifies for refresher courses, will receive the earned points this autumn.

For medical specialists and general practitioners the training isKNMG-GAIA accredited as a General further training, for 8 points. View here which scientific associations this accreditation applies.

The V&VNprofessional association of Nurses and Carers in the Netherlands, has accredited the training for nurses as well as nursing specialists for 9 points. So are you registered in the Quality Register V & V or Nursing Specialists Register? Then look in theTraining calendar or Start`the course directly

PE-onlineis a frequently used application to facilitate the registration of continuing education (PE) for various professional groups. The biggest advantage is that you always have a complete up-to-date overview of your continuing education. We process directly via the system PE-online the completion of your WMO / GCP course, with a maximum guarantee for the privacy of your personal data. This gives you direct insight into the status of your continuing education activities.

From 2016 we’re offering through the myGCPlearning environment also separate modules, so-called cases, to retrieve and broaden your knowledge. We will also be allowing these separate modules to be accredited by KNMG-GAIA and V & VN.

We will keep you informed.