This month’s frequently asked question: Why can’t I open my certificate?  

With the upcoming ICH GCP R3 update, and the need for innovative and up-to-date training, it’s also essential to have access to your certificates, and know how long they’re valid for.  

Some of our most frequently asked questions actually related to how you can open your certificate, how to complete your training, and what needs to be completed before you can download a certificate.  

How to open your certificate.  

For this you’ll need to visit your profile page, and scroll to the bottom. Make sure you’re clicking on the certificate itself, not your myGCP passport! If you’re on a desktop, the certificate will open in a separate browser, and on your phone, it will download directly as a PDF, so check the files folder on your mobile.  

Visit the knowledge base article.  

Why is my course showing as incomplete?  

We understand how frustrating it can be to finish your training and not be able to download your certificate, especially when you need it for compliance. In this situation, we really advise checking the following steps and then trying to download it again!  

  • Have you answered all the questions? 
  • Have you downloaded all the documents in the training?  
  • Have you read all the interviews?  
  • Have you watched all the videos?  
  • Check that all modules are completed – they will have a checkmark in a yellow circle to indicate they’re completed.  

If a module isn’t showing 100%, then it’s likely something small was overlooked, and that’s what is preventing your certificate from being available.  Once those steps are completed, try opening your certificate again.  

Visit the knowledge base article here:  

Where can I download my certificate?  

Go to your profile, and scroll down the page to view your certificates. Click on the certificate you want to download, and open the PDF.  

How do I renew the date on my certificate?  

Make sure you’ve completed all the modules (we do update them regularly with new regulations and information), and once that’s done, you’ll be able to update your certificate with a new date. IF you need to extend your licence, get in touch with our team here, or click here for instructions.  

Visit the knowledge base article here. 

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