The upcoming update to ICH GCP (R3) sees vital guideline changes with layout changes and additional sections. There are also additions, incorporating new topics such as remote access, digital consent, decentralized clinical trials, reporting, and record keeping.  

While these changes are covered more in-depth in our recent article series “ICH GCP R3: What should we expect?” (part 1 and part 2), the overall aim of the update is to ensure that this critical guideline evolves and changes with the times and embraces the newer technologies that are becoming more and more commonplace within the world of clinical trials. It also ensures the safety of trial participants and places an emphasis on these even as clinical trials evolve into the future.  

But now, having covered the update’s content, why do we also emphasize things like quality training and the validity of GCP certificates? Here’s an overview of why innovative ICH GCP training matters. 

How Often Should GCP Training Be Updated?  

While no legislation covers the frequency of ICH GCP training, leaving it up to the individual local authority, sponsors, etc, the answer is unclear.  

ICH GCP guidelines require that staff are trained to be able to carry out their duties in a compliant manner for each study and trial they are working on. Your team should be compliant to carry out their tasks. As updates to the regulation come through, they must remain current with these changes, as they may impact your clinical trial. These updates may have implications for your research, and they must be communicated to your team to remain compliant and avoid trial delays.  

Valid GCP Certificates 

Similarly, an audit requirement for clinical trials is adequate and thorough GCP training, coupled with a  valid GCP certificate. Many companies offer a certificate that is valid for a set time frame. GCP Central’s certificates are a little more innovative, meaning they’re valid if your team keeps up with their training.  

Even as regulations and guidelines update, our myGCP platform sends your team a notification to say there are changes. There’s no need to redo the entire training, as we recognize your team’s prior learning – they only have to retake the training impacted by the update. Once it’s completed, the learning updates, and they’re back to being audit ready. In this way, your certificate always remains valid, without needing to redo what you already know.  

myGCP – GCP Learning Made Accessible 

Our myGCP learning system means that the times of text-based e-learning are over – replacing the PowerPoints and classrooms with an innovative way to take GCP training to the next level.  

Embracing the principles of continuous learning, GCP training is broken down into bite-sized learning moments, meaning that your team can update their knowledge on the go. These learning opportunities can be completed via our platform or desktop, creating greater flexibility for busy research professionals.   

myGCP also keeps you up to date with the latest rules and regulations. Via push notifications, as updates come through, your team can update that module. Our technology also recognizes their prior learning within our system, meaning they don’t have to repeat what they already know.  

Via our myGCP passport, your team can access their GCP certificate on the go and prove their compliance on the spot. No more searching for paper certificates! 

Training is also easily managed from a central dashboard, meaning you can track your team’s progress and have their training records and certificates at your fingertips. Your team doesn’t need to spend the time in classrooms bringing their training up to date. myGCP provides effective clinical training solutions for ICH-GCP and other guidelines for sites.  

Innovative ICH GCP Training via myGCP 

How can GCP Central help you keep up to date with the latest regulatory changes and updates, especially the upcoming revision of ICH GCP? Via the myGCP platform, your team will get a push notification as the information updates, meaning they’ll have the opportunity to update their knowledge as soon as possible without delays to your research. This means you’ll be compliant and trials-ready without the need for scheduling more time-consuming training sessions, resulting in delays. 

Our commitment to providing quality, innovative ICH GCP training starts with putting the knowledge at your fingertips with our myGCP platform. We understand the need to make GCP (and other!) training accessible, and keep your research on track. 

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